Teach for America

Family update. Ryan will be going for his Teach for America interview tomorrow morning (Monday, February 8). He’ll spend all day at their office: a group session in the morning, ending with his teaching a 5 minute lesson about adverbs (each person is teaching a 5 minute lesson). Then, there will be an afternoon personal interview (30-45 minutes). After this interview, we’ll know if he has been accepted officially into the program.

At the beginning of January, Ryan submitted his application to Teach for America.  The first round of interview was a phone interview he had toward the middle of January. After that interview he was invited into the second round. He had to submit a resume and transcript as well as letters of recommendation from some of his teachers.

If this interview goes well, he’ll be accepted. That will mean he’ll spend 5 weeks this summer in training in northern Mississippi and then begin interviewing at schools in his assigned district and start teaching in the fall. He put in three preferences for areas he would like to be assigned to–Rural Baton Rouge (Tangapahoa, East and West Feliciana and St. Helena Parishes), The Mississippi Delta and Greater New Orleans. He will sign a two year contract either with Teach for America or with the school, I’m not sure. But either way, it will be a two year agreement.

The decisions will be made in March which means Kelli has a long month of February ahead of her holding her breath. If you think of us tomorrow whisper up a little prayer for us and cross your fingers!


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