Quiche to Success

When I was lamenting my maccaroon mush (See: Valentine’s Lasagna The Whole Story), my mom suggested using the egg whites and making a quiche. I had never made a quiche before but the idea made me very excited. With the inspiration of my Better Home’s and Garden’s recipe book, I set out to make a spinach quiche. I had to modify the ingridents slightly for Lent– I substituted mushrooms for the bacon in the recipe. Since there was a lot of prep work to be done, I solicited the help of Ryan to make the crust while I started on the filling. We had to work of of the same recipe.

We are 2 weeks into Lent and I’ve been staying postive and creative with my meals. Ryan was looking over the quiche recipe and asked in a very excited, child on Christmas morning tone “are you really going to put bacon in it?” My quick reply of “no” puzzled him. I offered the explaination “I’m using mushrooms instead,” but still he was befuddled. Knowing full well that there was a half pound of bacon in the freezer Ryan couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t use it. After a brief staring contest, I had to remind him “you’re not eating meat.” Then the light bulb went off and his face returned to it’s serene peaceful state. I take the fact that Ryan forgot he hasn’t been eating meat for the last 2 weeks as a great and sincere compliment to my cooking. I will have to hold onto this in order to boldster my confidace for the next 6 1/2.

While I prepared the egg mixture and mushrooms, Ryan started on the crust

Foil around the crust keeps it from burning

. He made a single crust substituting butter for shorting. I had to give him a quick lesson in “patch-work crusts” and fluted edges. The crust had to bake for 20 mins before we could add the filling. In the meanwhile, I beat 4 eggs with milk and sour cream and left to the side. I also sauted the garlic, onion and mushroom together. They ought to make that into a candle, it made the most wonderful smell. Ryan washed and cut up 3 cups of spinach. The garlic mixture and the spinach were added to the eggs mixture. This was our filling. Once the crust was cooked, Ryan set it on the stove and poured in the filling. This would be a good time to tell you two things: our stove top slants about 12 degrees backward and when I measured the milk out, I confused the quiche ingrident list with the spinach quiche list and used too much. I had veggie pot pie de ja vous as the milky, green mixture slopped over the edge of the crust and pooled around our small burners (See: Don’t Mess with your Ju Ju). After sopping, siphening, snickering and snarling we got the filling to a manageable level and put in the oven.

As to be expected, it came out a little runny. The spinach, mushrooms and egg held together fameously, but it just oozed a little. The taste however, was heavenly– robust sauteed mushrooms in fluffy bland eggs topped with cool  spinach all on top of a homemade fluffy crust. I topped the quiche with slices of fresh tomato. This is a must-repeat.

Oh and let it be said that we need a pie cutter. My beautiful quiche and pot pies always get destroied when I serve them 😦


Finished Quiche

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