Deep Dish Delicious

Ryan and I frequent the Netflix instant TV Show list. On this list is Food Network’s Man Vs. Food.  We like to watch this when we eat dinner. If you know the show and the thought of watching while eating made you throw up a little in your mouth…my sentiments exactly! And yet we keep watching. In the Chicago episode, of course he spent a segment on the Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza. Ever since this episode, Ryan has mentioned at random intervals how much he really likes deep dish pizza.

A deep dish pizza is one which is both inverted and thick. According to my brief research, a Chicago Style is a specific type of deep dish having mostly ground meat and onions. I happened upon a fabulous veggie style deep dish pizza. Now, I’ve eaten a lot of veggie pizzas and they are all about the same– peppers of various colors, mushrooms, spinach and olives. That is to say, most veggie pizzas are boring. Not this one!

I had to adjust the ingredient list to the Louisiana growing season. The filling is made thus:

  1. Saute in oil, thyme and parsley.
  2. Add 1 small sliced zucchini, 1/2 a red onion, 1 chopped broccoli stalk, 1/2 pint sliced mushrooms

We used a 10 inch cake pan which had about a one inch edge. Keeping in mind that deep dish pizzas are inverted, we covered the pan with a cooked crust, first put cheese, then filling then sauce. We threw extra cheese on top for good measure. Since the crust was already cooked, we only had to cook the pizza for 5 or so mins. at 450 degrees. This is a new family favorite.

Crust then Veggies
Top Crust

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