Crawfish Pie

One of the joys (the only joy according to some) of living in Louisiana is the food. It seems this is the only good thing anyone from outside of our state can say about us, but nonetheless, it’s true. It is the pride of every south-Louisiana woman to be able to cook like a good Cajun. Now a days, anyone with a seasoned cast iron skillet considers herself part Cajun. All Cajun cooking begins with three things, a Holy Trinity, if you will- onion, celery and garlic. Always always always, you start these three things to sauteeing in either butter or oil before you do anything else. That’s just the way it is.  Ryan and I have been working on our individual gumbos, I am always on the look out for good ways to cook okra. One of the staple Cajun fairs is, the Crawfish Pie. It works similar to a pot pie, crust on top, thick filling etc.

This recipe came to us from Ryan’s mom Mrs. Cheryle. I believe she got it from her friend Ann, so both deserve credit. I will first have to admit that I was ever so sick when we made this pie for a pot luck Ryan went to. He came home with an empty pan though, so I’m assuming it was a hit.

Per usual, Ryan made the crust and I made the filling. We were both working in the kitchen, bumping butts each time we needed to get something and singing jambalaya, crawfish pie, file gumbo… I also want to point out that most of those words are not real words according to the computer spell check. The filling is onion, celery, garlic (duh), bell pepper, cream of celery soup, tomato sauce mixed with milk, egg and bread crumb. This works like a pot pie with a crust on top, slitted for ventilation to keep the top crust from poofing up.

The Holy Trinity in a seasoned skillet
Plus Crawfish
Thick Filling
Into the Oven

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