Hey Baby, I Wanna Know if You’ll be My GIRL

We are in the middle of a very exciting two weeks!

Thursday I had my 23 week check-up and second trimester sonogram. We got to see our little baby in its natural habitat, squirming around and kicking. We learned baby is 1 pound 7 ounces which is right above average and baby has a good strong heartbeat of 149. We saw baby’s head (which is sized just right), it’s face (which does not have a cleft palate). We got to see hands once when baby waved, we got to see feet a lot when baby kicked at the sonogram wand.  We also got to see that baby is a GIRL. We saw her face, her eyes and smile and for the first time we got to see our little Evangeline Lily. Evangeline doesn’t like sonograms.

Now that we know she is a her and her name is Evangeline, it’s like she is really real and really coming. We can see her in our minds and we can pick out curtains! We are moving into our new house this upcoming week and we get to set up the cradle and crib, changing table and rocker. We’ve picked out the fabric for her bedding and curtains. I have now gone into, count em, TWO baby stores and looked around. I may have been a bit aimless and glossy eyed, but I was there. Let the nesting begin!!

We will get moved in the house this week. We’re going to get in and get everything clean first. Luckily Ryan sold his mom and step-dad on buying a Rainbow Air Purification System and vacuum, so we get to borrow it to get the house ready.  We also get to bring home our long abandoned Jackie Do! She has been in wonderful hands with our friends Laura and Brandon, but we are ready to have her back all to ourselves. I think Laura and Brandon’s dog Clemmy is ready to be rid of Jackie as well. Already we are very excited for the huge back yard, carport (no more scorching hot car), mailbox and closet space! These are the things people who have been living in apartments get excited about.


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