Tasty Things Come to Those Who Wait–Chicken Week Continues

Payday\Grocery trip is so close I can see it even though it remains out of reach. So again tonight we ate skinnless boneless chicken breasts. I realize this makes me sound like an ungrateful snob and I certainly am not at least ungrateful. My mother always blesses us with a 5 pound bag from her bi-monthly trips to Sam’s. And were it not for her generous thoughtfulness, we would be having “Peanut Butter Week!” instead. I am not ungrateful, just itching to try something new. The promise is that tasty things come to those who wait, and so I do.

Last week I had bought zucchini to try this stuffed zucchini recipe I found. At first glance I thought it would make a good entree, but after further inspection found it lacking the girth for a center course. Instead I used them this week, snatching them from the prospects of zucchini bread and put them as a side dish to chicken. I was twice fool hearty with these zucchini. I also thought they would be a cinch to make not knowing they are on the same time consumption level as twice baked potatoes.

First a vocabulary lesson. A dutch oven is nothing new. While most of us (I say most of us to make me feel better about myself) when confronted with the idea of a dutch oven imagine a oval ceramic covered dish elite and exclusive, it is not so! Come to find out, thank you glossary in Better Homes and Garden Cook Book, a dutch oven is a name given to any large, two handled, covered pot. So what I call a sauce pot, is also a dutch oven!

This is a Dutch Oven!

And that brings us to the first step. In a dutch oven, boil the zucchini covered for 5 mins in slightly salted water. Remove scalding squash and cut lengthwise, removing the top. Do not get over zealous and cut off the bottom too…that’s important. Now, the next set sounds so nonchalant: remove pulp and leave a 1\2 inch thick shell. No problem, the zucchini are just boiling hot, slippery and very attached to their pulp. After much pondering while the zucchini cooled, I decided on this course of action to vacate the pulp from the green beasts. Using the side of a spoon I perforated the edges, then used the tip of the spoon to scoop it out. After the large chunk of pulp relented, I used the spoon further to scrap out the shell evening it out and removing even more pulp.

Piping Hot Zucchini note the steam
Tops, yes. Bottoms, no
Perforate and Scoop
Pretty Shells all in a Row

I victoriously stuffed the shells with: zucchini pulp, mozzarella cheese and onion mixed with one egg and bread crumb. These baked for 20 mins at  350, then I topped with more cheese and flax seed and baked another 5 mins.

The chicken is nothing fancy, the recipe is on the side of the can of French’s Fried Onion. I used one small can for two hefty sized chicken breasts. In a ziploc bag crush the onions and 2 tablespoons of flour. Coat the chicken breast in egg then coat with the onion breading. Into a 350 degree oven for 30 mins until cooked through and voila!

French's Chicken and Stuffed Zucchini

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