Dang Quesadilla

Sometimes in the Carruth household, particularly during pregnancies, a man has to cook. Sometimes when a man has to cook, oftentimes a woman has to sit in the kitchen too and give step by step directions. Such is the case with our Mushroom Quesadillas. There is great irony, however, when one remembers that it was Ryan in fact who first found and made this recipe. But since I tweeked it a bit I had to divulge my secrets in a real time step by step fashion.

Carruths Believe in Life and Men in the Kitchen!

Like I said, originally Ryan found this recipe for Mushroom Quesadillas on a hot summer night when the refrigerator was bare, the bank account was low and nobody wanted to cook (5 points to whoever read that in a Sam Spade voice).  It was a simple recipe calling for sauteed mushrooms and onions in a tortilla sandwich with cheese. That by itself was good, but what we made after that stupendous. And by stupendous, I mean, we added black beans and it was darned tasty.

Start Frying Tortillas

We’ve been buying 6″ corn torillas rather than the flour because we feel like we’re getting more for our money. Also, buying the actual Mexican brand, although imported, is cheaper than the American flour brand. The only prep required is to sautee mushrooms and either open a can of black beans, or cook beans ahead of time until they are mushy. So here goes: In enough oil to cover the bottom of a cast iron skillet, lay down two tortillas (if using larger tortillas you may have to just do one at a time) and let them start to brown.  Once it starts to brown, flip over both tortillas and begin assembly on one side. I smeared mashed up black beans, then sauteed mushrooms and cheese. Top with second tortilla and flip over. Cook just long enough to get the cheese melted without burning.


One quesadilla is pretty filling, I can eat one with chips and salsa and feel full. Since this was a family affair, Evangeline was knee deep in the kitchen helping. Here’s pictures of the finished delicious product and Evangeline helping

Black Bean and Mushroom Quesadilla
Helper Evie

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