And why do we fall down? So we’z can learn to pick ourselves up again.

Why, when I have failed to keep this blog current so many times, do I even try to start again? Maybe I’m an incurable optimist. Maybe I’m an incurable narcissist. Either way, here’s to starting the blog back up!

Being the Carruths looks a lot different than the last time I wrote about it. Our cooking–now more sporadic -is more concerned with prep and cook time than adventure and new ingredients. Sorry. But that is because our lives in general are more focused on routine and schedules. This week we brought home our third baby in as many years.  Evangeline is now two and a half, Felicity nearly one and baby Reuben is one week old. I leave you to do the math.


We also have a new setting. At Thanksgiving, Ryan and I bought our first home! We’ve had to do some work around the house to get it livable but now that I’m not pregnant any more, we are looking forward to doing more fun things to make the house our own.


So that’s what you have to look forward to: babies, babies, babies (their crying, my crying), new quick easy meals (be prepared for a lot of Jamie Oliver 😉 ) and fun things around the house. Oh and Pinterest. lots and lots of Pinterest!


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