Our Pinterest House: Bedroom Canopy

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest came into my life during a time when we were renting our house. I was pinterest-spired (inspired by Pinterest) to change so many things, but alas, I could not. No longer do I have this excuse.  Now that we’ve been in our house 6 months and had a baby, the time is now to Pinterest the crap out of our house. First up, is my long awaited canopy bed

If you’re on Pinterest and keep up with home decor type stuff, you’ve surely seen plenty of canopy ideas. So did I. When we began house-hunting, I had the perfect canopy in mind (http://www.dwellingsbydevore.com/2011/04/master.html). The idea is to mount two curtain rods from the ceiling -one above the headboard and one a quarter of the way above the bed. Then hang curtain panels from the front rod and drape them over the back, thus creating a canopy of sorts. Easy. But the house we ended up buying threw me a curve ball. Our bed would back up to this large window in it’s own bumped out nook. The bed would fit in the middle with room on either side for a night stand. Not the set up in my Pinterest picture.


What to do? What to do? We toyed around with the idea of having the canopy jut out over just the bed, and hang two flat panels on either side behind the night stands, but each time I thought about it , it just didn’t seem like it would look right. Finally we decided rather than have the front curtain rod attach to the ceiling, we would put it on the front of the nook with the second rod in front of the window and have the canopy, not just over the bed, but fill in the entire nook. We also opted to use dowel rods rather than curtain rods–1. because it’s way cheaper to get an 8′ dowel rod than a curtain rod that long and 2. the dowel rods would be sturdy enough to not need a center bracket which would throw off the whole flow of my canopy.

We ended up having to do this in two stages because I didn’t measure our curtains right. I found these perfect woven, yellow curtains on super sale at World Market. I bought the last 4 panels they had. Problem was, the curtains weren’t long enough. They left a 6 inch gap from the bottom of the curtain to the top of the nightstand–oops! And it wasn’t as easy as going back to the store, or ordering more on-line. These must have been discontinued because I had to scour World Markets all around the country to find another pack of curtains, then they had to send them to my local store for me to purchase there. All in all they were very helpful and accommodating, it was just an involved process. Finally I got two more panels and we hung them from the back rod on either side, just to hang behind the night stands.

I love love love how it turned out. I feel like it is the right balance between adult and trendy. Not only does it brighten up the room so much with great color, it also blocks out all the light at night which makes for a cozy, cold, dark, cave-like sleeping environment. My favorite!


There are a few things left to do to finish off the bed. We splurged and bought this beautiful quilt from Bed Bath and Beyond, but I couldn’t stomach spending twice as much again for pillow shams and dust ruffle. So, my mom and I have been putting on our sewing caps and thinking up some solutions. I also plan to spray paint our mismatched, hand-me-down lamps and replace the shades,  I would love to get a rug in there too, but I’m still deciding just what I want.

So there you have it. Our first major Pinterest project in our new house! I’ve got plenty more Pinterest-wants all around the house, here’s hoping we get to some of them over the summer (read: hint hint Ryan)


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