4 Down 96 to Go…or Happy Anniversary to Us

Our Engagement Photo
Our Engagement Photo

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary. When I say it out loud it seems like it should be much longer. We’ve packed a lot of living in our four years of marriage. Each year we find ourselves facing our anniversary saying “next year!”. Next year will be calmer! Next year we’ll live in the same place, have the same job, work on the same degree, sit on the back porch watching chickens peck the ground. Most of our aspirations for peaceful living turn into pipe dreams, but then again, something’s do get better.

Ryan Graduated LSU

First Year: We set up our first home in the townhouse. As the year closed, I think the day before our anniversary in fact, Ryan graduated LSU and I entered the second trimester of my first pregnancy.

Yup, that happened

Second Year: We lived in the barn until finding a house to rent. Ryan sold Rainbow vacuums (and anything else that would fetch a fair price) to support me and my growing belly until beginning work at Catholic High. We welcomed Evangeline Lily into our family and survived the first school year by the skin of our teeth.

Chubby Cheek Felicity

Third Year: Actually was calmer. Ryan worked his second year at Catholic teaching the same classes. Just before our anniversary, we brought home sweet Felicity Iris to join our family. Our actual anniversary was spent back in the hospital while I received treatment for postpartum pre-ecclampsia.

ph-ph-please give me an education Notre Dame

Fourth year/last year: this was the year we finally were going to settle down. Instead, Ryan began working on his Master’s degree in Theology commuting to New Orleans and back, we bought our first home and moved in after two and a half months living with my parents, just weeks before our anniversary we brought home another sweet Carruth bundle of joy, Reuben Benedict (for those of you keeping score at home, yes, I’ve been pregnant every year of our marriage thus far).

The more things change, the more somethings stay the same. We still spend Mardi Gras watching Harry Potter and eating pizza, we dream still of one day seeing Nova Scotia and maybe Ireland, we have beautiful babies, we like words, like words a lot- etymology, grammar, alliterations, puns, song parodies– we love our children and our marriage is still open to life, we like each other a great deal and love each other more, we both want to be better– better people, better spouses and better parents.


We still have grand plans on our horizons, but next year? Next year will be calmer 😉


3 thoughts on “4 Down 96 to Go…or Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Caitlyn Guiffreda

    Loved reading this. So many beautiful things have happened for y’all in such a short span of time. Love you, my friend!

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