Parents’ Authority: Revisited

I posted a link to my last post, Parents’ Authority, to my personal facebook page and got some insightful and helpful responses. I wanted to take a quick moment to share those here.

A sweet friend of mine who I greatly admire as a parent passed along a little piece of motivation. Especially on those days when you tire of constantly having to be the bad guy, constantly being firm and correcting your children, she reminded me that in teaching our children to respect our authority, we are providing a foundation for them to respect God’s authority. What a big thought! I know I focus on wanting to instruct my children so that they may be a delight to others. I want them to be well behaved so that they can spend time with other friends and family without causing a scene. I want them to be obedient so that they may be trusted and not need constant restraint. I also want to instruct my children because that is what God has instructed me to do. But I didn’t really think about the full feedback loop: God instructs Ryan and I to instruct our children; in being obedient to God we are teaching our children to be obedient to God. As my friend said, that is a heavy task, but not one we want to skirk away from!

Another friend who is similarly minded to us in wanting to raise our children to be faithful, God-fearing Christians (specifically Catholics) suggested a book by Greg Popcack, Parenting With Grace. Similarly, Ryan has found The Catholic Family Handbook by Lawrence Lovasik that we both intend to read soon (i.e. after finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Once these books are read, I will happily pass along any thoughts and reviews.

What are your favorite resources for parenting advice? What motivation do you have to keep constant in your discipline measures?

Beth’s comment on the original post has me thinking I should write a companion piece “Parents’ Authority: Why Grandparents Need to Obey too” 😀


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