Juggling Needs

Having three small children at home makes every day a juggling act of meeting needs– Reuben’s sleepiness, Felicity’s safety, Evangeline’s dirty diaper and my hunger. More realistically it is deciding who’s immediate need gets neglected so that someone else’s might be met. But that’s just the way it is right now. Evangeline can’t have second breakfast until Reuben is asleep and Felicity can’t have her diaper changed until I finish making Evangeline’s lunch. And I never get to go to the bathroom 😉 We have a hiarachy of needs around here and it’s not as though we don’t want to spend time meeting the less pressing nurturing needs like snuggling or reading, it’s just that the imperative needs like diapers and meals are on such a quick rotation that there isn’t much time.

But then sometimes the clouds part and we have an afternoon like today. Reuben has been contentidly sleeping for a few hours, Evangeline went in her bed for a nap and Felicity and I fell asleep on the couch. When Evangeline woke up, Ryan scooped her up into the study and they both watched youtube videos of ballerinas which is Evangeline’s new favorite. Felicity and I woke up on the couch and snuggled an extra 10 minutes or so reading a book– something I don’t get to do much with Felicity.

As unfortunate as it is, encounters like these one on one special time are just growing farther and farther apart. But on the other hand when I wake up from an unexpected afternoon nap (even if it is from a camera’s flash) snuggled with the sweetest one year old I know, I know what a blessing it is. I know not to take it for granted.

snuggled with the sweetest one year old I know
snuggled with the sweetest one year old I know

One thought on “Juggling Needs

  1. Bridget

    Life is not a sitcom! Love is built by those little acts of caring, feeding, and clothing, keep walking and you’ll get there!

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