Our Pinterest House: Bedroom Reveal!

When we moved into our new house about 6 months ago so much energy needed to go into accommodating toys, diapers, cribs and such that I felt as though the rest of our house was being completely forgotten. We’ve made efforts to keep our house kid-friendly as there are plenty of kid years left ahead of us. At the same time, however, when our house is completely given over to kids, Ryan and I start to feel like we are nothing more than cattle toddler herders. So I decided I wanted our bedroom to be a sort of oasis for us lest we forget we are in fact fully grown, potty-trained adults who, on occasion, like to speak in complete sentences.

Around Christmas or so, we splurged and bought a new quilt for our bed. After some coupons, gift cards and a day trip to New Orleans we were able to get it significantly less than asking price from Bed Bath and Beyond. Even so, it was still a splurge. I decided I could make up the rest of the room much cheaper. I’ll post more on how I made everything later, but I wanted to show-off the whole room put together.

Master Bedroom Progress



Because the canopy is a solid wall, I used yellow sparingly on the bed. I am now thinking of maybe making a small cylinder yellow throw pillow or maybe add yellow buttons to the small pillows just to bring the yellow down to the bed. Thoughts?

Here’s what I did myself:

Embellished Bedskirt
Embellished Bedskirt
Embellished Pillow Shams
Embellished Pillow Shams
Throw Pillows
Throw Pillows
Revamped Lamps
Revamped Lamps
Embroidery Hoop Wall Art
Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

I am so so excited with how it all turned out! More than that, I’m way impressed with my own skill ha ha. I had all these grand plans in my head, but I was sure they would turn out looking silly. Even if they do, I still love it! It’s so bright, cool and calming. The canopy is so thick that at night it makes the room dark and cozy. There are still a few things left on my pinterest board I’d like to do. Such as:

Layering the Door Molding
Trumeau Mirror

and other smaller things like adding a rug, replacing the dated-but-fully-functioning-celing-fan and replacing the doors. The bathroom attached to our bedroom is a complete dated, neglected, funky mess. But those are all jobs for another tax return 😉 Right now I am delighted with my new grown up but still trendy bedroom!

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