Reuben’s Room Begins

Reuben is 2 months old!

Our new house has three bedrooms. Our new family has 5 people. The girls are sharing a room and the ideal is to have Reuben in there with them in a few years. In the meantime, he has a corner in the master bedroom with us. He’s two months old now and we’ve begun to notice he sleeps better when we aren’t in the room. Plus we kinda just want our kid-free space back. So plans have begun to move him into our study\computer room where he hopefully can stay at least until he turns one year old.

Having a separate study is the best way we could come up with to protect the computer from sticky toddler fingers and teething baby mouths. It also, hypothetically, allows Ryan a quiet space to study and work. But fact of the matter is, we need the room 😉 On top of cleaning out, the first order of business was to put up curtains. I opted for store bought, room darkening curtains rather than making my own 1.) because I wouldn’t really be able to make them much cheaper and 2.) I wanted to be lazy. Speaking of lazy ha! This is what the study looks like right now.

study pano
Real Life

I figured I could just hang Reuben from the ceiling maybe? One big box of stuff is going to Goodwill, the others are going in the attic. Either the computer desk or the two large white bookcases are going to move into our room to clear out enough space for the pack-n-play, chest of drawers and maybe just maybe the rocking chair. Ironically, the closet is the neatest part of this room.

One thing we have done though, is hang curtains from our custom (doesn’t that sound better than “homemade”) cornice board and I made a memo board.



The memo board is pretty straight forward, there are dozens of tutorials for these online so I won’t bore you with another. I used a frame-less cork board from Joann’s Craft Store, silky ribbon, a fabric scrap from his quilt (coming soon) and white top thumbtacks. I took a balsa wood “R” also from Joann’s, painted it orange and hot glued it to a thumbtack. I glue 002the letter to a push pin rather than to the board itself for a couple of reasons: in case I want to flip the board from vertical to hang horizontal and to make it easier to stick pictures etc in and around the center. I’ve made two others for the girls and I’ve figured out a system now! **Tip: I had to use my high heat glue gun, because the low heat didn’t get the glue hot enough to stick to the slick metal of the thumbtack**

I used a few Pinterest tutorials for the cornice board, but we (meaning my dad) tweaked it a bit to make it easier to hang and be able to span further across the window.  I’ll come back and post more in depth for those interested just how we did it. But for now, I’m so excited with how it turned out and how the curtains look hanging up! If we just keep pushing this boy will have a space to himself after all. He’ll be the only Carruth not sharing a bedroom with someone else.


3 thoughts on “Reuben’s Room Begins

  1. Hedy Fonda

    Job well done. Also, for a child’s room, you can use a sheet for curtains. They come in many themes for children and look for the sales. You can adjust the size according to the size of window. I once had long skinny windows in my girls room. I found a queen or king (I can’t remember which) and divided it into the number of panels I needed. Remember sheets already have a casing. Be sure and double the width so you will have fullness when gathered. Easy and economical.

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