Takin’ Toddlers on the Road

My sister recently moved about 4 hours away to Florida. I don’t know what brand of crazy pills I’ve been taking, but we’ve decided to take the kids for a visit.

Let’s recap! Evangeline is 2.5 and in a no-nap, mine-mine-mine phase, Felicity 14 months is a wimp who whines at everything and Reuben is almost 3 months old. We want to put them in a car for upwards of 4 hours…one way.


But I think it will be worth it (remind me I said that when we get back). We haven’t seen my sister’s new apartment or where she’s working. We have been mostly housebound all summer so it will be nice to take a little road trip and see the beach. I think Felicity will enjoy the sand and waves. Evangeline…well Evangeline may tolerate it. So, it should be fun!

It should be fun

It should be fun

It should be fun

In order to make this work, I need to deny most of reality but I am also trying to be pro-active in planning how we’ll entertain the kiddo’s en route. This has been a timely topic in the parenting blog-o-sphere of late, but most suggestions I’ve seen are for older children. It will be a few years before Road Trip Bingo or The License Plate Game will really be fun. So I am compiling a list of things to bring\do to entertain toddlers on this road trip. This is what I have so far and I would greatly greatly appreciate (as will Evangeline and Felicity) any other suggestions you may have!

  • Nursery Rhyme\ Hand Clap CD’s to help work out the wiggles after monotony sets in
  • Lulabye CD to help calm down after the wiggles wear off
  • Read-along books on tape
  • Non sugary snacks like crackers and cheese
  • Frequent stops at restaurants with play lands or rest stops with places to run.
  • Drawing materials for Evangeline that won’t permanently tattoo Felicity
  • Road maps to track our progress
  • Take lots of pictures, even of meltdowns to remind posterity of how much fun we had.

Did you take your little ones on the road this summer? How did they fare in the car? What were your favorite beach activities\supplies?


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