This Father’s Day past, I really tried to come up with something unique for Ryan. It’s not that he’s a difficult person to shop for, he isn’t an especially private or hesitant with his opinions. He’s just a boring person to shop for. I of course say this as lovingly as possible. But when it comes to buying Ryan a gift, it’s either book I’m not interested in, beer I don’t drink or practical clothing. How boring right? So this year I put my thinking cap on and came up with……………………………………bookplate stamp! A stamp with his name to put on the front flap of his books.  Isn’t that much less boring 😉

It actually was a great idea. Let me tell you why. It was something unexpected, something he would enjoy as well as something I was excited to give. Perfect, right?  To I went. Oh my goodness so many search results! I looked through about 3 or 4 pages of handmade bookplate stamps before I realized all the ones I liked were made by AssPocket Productions. I knew I wanted the latin “Ex Libris” rather than the English “From the Library of” and some sort of classical graphic. Even with those narrow parameters I found a lot of options to choose from. Ultimately I decided on

StaceyProofs20130702_Layout 1

Ryan thinks it’s the most badass way to tell someone not to steal his book. The designer said on her site that she was running behind on orders, but I received the proof the next day and the stamp was mailed within a week. We got the stamp and it looks great! She even sent a 10% off coupon for our next order. I first thought to get some stamp cleaner because I need some more, but now I’m thinking I want something fun for me like a return address stamp. I guess we all define fun differently.

If you’re in the market for a custom rubber stamp or unique gift idea for me or for someone else ;), I happily recommend AssPocketProductions! She has a lot of designs already in her gallery, but she says she is open to custom designs too.


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