Great Mamas Think Alike

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After I posted about bringing the kids on a roadtrip, a friend of mine sent me a link to a similar post on this blog. This mom had compiled 10 ideas for entertaining small children on long trips. She had a few ideas I hadn’t thought of, like buying Dollar Store toys and giving each kid a new toy every hour or so and bringing glow sticks to play with when it gets dark. Those are great ideas and I’m adding them to my list.

But what struck me more than what I didn’t think of, was the ideas our lists had in common. Her list was a compilation of her own ideas plus those of others. Every idea on my list was also on hers. That made my heart swell with pride. As someone who didn’t feel especially drawn towards motherhood before having kids, I often find myself questioning if I’m doing the right things, making the right decisions or just a live- in-babysitter. When I started making my list, I earnestly tried to think of things the girls would enjoy, what would keep their attention and what, in the long run, could really be helpful. I felt a little silly. I worried that my ideas might actually be stupid and unrealistic. I didn’t really know what I was talking about.

But then to see other mothers on the interweb had the same ideas as mine and had success with these ideas made me feel as though I’m not a fraud. I really am a mom. Just by having and raising children I am developing that intuitive knowlege about how to care for them. How encouraging! More experienced mothers are always advising us young moms to trust ourselves and go with what we feel is right. But how can you trust yourself when you don’t know if you’re right 😉

I’m sure something else will come along and I’ll question if I’m making the right choice or even in the right ballpark. I’m sure I’ll go through the cycle of self doubt and degradation, but I hope I remember this lesson. I am on the right track and I do know what I’m talking about. Or if I’m wrong, at least other mothers are wrong too!

They make you love them

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