I was three quarters of the way through this book and already had 4 blog ideas stemming from it. This is a book that gives you a lot to think about.

GoodReads.com recommended this book to me and it sounded interesting.

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Little did I know that Quiet by Susan Cain was taking on a life of it’s own already. The author, a self confessed introvert, has shifted careers from Wall Street lawyer to introvert study-er extraordinaire. Using psychology and neurology, she examines the differences between intro and extroverts. Further she looks to sociology and anthropology to find ways in which history has favored the bold and the quiet. She finds that modern, western society, especially American society, disproportionately favors extroverted personalities to the detriment of introverts. Susan Cain does more than identify injustices done to introverts however. With her research in mind, she makes a case for shifting the balance allowing introverts to more comfortably function in society; she gives concrete suggestions for change to teachers, parents, schools and work places. When our society accommodates introverts, she says, we will all benefit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well as Susan Cain’s TED talk on the topic. I believe myself to be an introvert, and even consider myself to be pretty well educated on the differences between the two personalities (thank you Meyer’s Briggs). But the latest psychological and neurological studies, the experts in child-psychology as well as Cain’s personal insights offer even more to learn. The book is well researched in various fields of study and comprehensively written. Cain discusses the anatomy of the brain and lofty psychological studies with ease, making complex concepts understandable for the average reader. I highly recommend this book and if you start noticing new posts like “Introverts in the Church” or “Why my kids don’t respect that I’m an introvert” you’ll know where I got the ideas 😉

Recommendations based on this book: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua and Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

goodreads link
goodreads link

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