We Survived the Beach!

We did it! We did it! The 40 hour vacation is behind us. Have you noticed it’s been a week since we’ve left? We came back Saturday night, but it’s taken me this long to recover enough to write about it.

Everything went really well and it was a fun vacation for the kids. The drive there wasn’t so bad, although the four and a half hour drive took us more like eight. The toy every hour idea was a good one. Except when Evangeline realized there was a bag of new toys up front she begged for her next toy from Mobile to Biloxi. Felicity and Reuben slept a good bit and whenever Reuben started to fuss we’d stop for an hour or so to fill up his belly and let the girls run.

We got to see my sister and stay at her new apartment. We went to the zoo, ate seafood and swam at the beach. After one very exciting night of attempted sleep, we decided to come home late Saturday night rather than stay through mass on Sunday. I drove the whole way home. It’s funny how our eight hour drive there only took three hours and fifteen minutes coming back when the kids were asleep and my bed was calling my name.

I’ve got some more blog posts I’m working on including a review for the book I’m currently reading and finally finally the how-to for our window valance. But in the mean time, enjoy these vacation photos of the kids!

This is how Carruths roadtrip!
Felicity was less than impressed with the beach
Evangeline surprisingly enjoying herself in the surf
Reuben without a worry in the world
Breakfast in bed at Lulu’s
too tired to read
vacation fun at Lulu’s


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