Oh Paula, Paula, Paula

I was listening to last week’s episode of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (if you weren’t previously aware they posted these podcasts, you are so welcome). This episode featured comedian Jim Gaffigan one of our favorites. During the pre-game chit chat Gaffigan was talking about his wife, family and five children, the fifth being a fairly recent addition (insert requisite Catholic joke). It was here that seasoned comedienne Paula Poundstone makes the dreaded, tired joke “you know how that keeps happening, don’t ya?” to much laughter.

Oh Paula, Paula, Paula.


This, is not funny. It has never been funny. It is never funny to assume other people’s children are merely mistakes made in ignorance or, worse, your own procreative superiority.  More so, who wants to have their sex life brought up for discussion? Having three kids under three, Ryan and I have gotten this “joke” quite a few times. There are few things more insulting. But to show we do have a sense of humor, these are our favorite comebacks:

yes, we’re getting pretty good at it.

yes, do you need some pointers?

What are your favorite comebacks to inappropriate pregnancy comments?


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