Frenchman’s Creek

I love reading Daphne Du Maurier, as I’ve mentioned before. I have read Rebecca nearly every year since it was first assigned in my senior of high school.  Remembering the spine tingling effect of her short stories, particularly Don’t Look Now, Kiss Me Again, Stranger, and The Birds makes me positively giddy. And yet, I couldn’t even finish Frenchman’s Creek.

I’ve been disappointed by her before. I’m looking at you Jamaica Inn.  Two words: ghost. ship. How much cooler of a story would that have been than the ride-through-the-moors-hair-flowing-in-the-wind romance it ended up being? I was disappointed with Frenchman’s Creek for the same reason.  Du Maurier is a master writer of emotions, but her pure romances just flop, in my opinion. Add intrigue, add Cornwall history, add the supernatural, and her story’s a masterpiece.  But let the girl follow her passions and get the guy without something burning down, someone dying or years spent apart and the story is just…meh.

It is difficult if not impossible for me to sympathize with an adulteress as well. Frenchman’s Creek was too Kate Chopin for my taste. With that said, it is true I can relate to Donna in the story. The idea of freedom, escaping and running off with a pirate is quite alluring. But it’s hard to root for a woman who wants to abandon her husband and children because she’s bored with society, even if I myself sometimes feel this way. Maybe it was good for me to read over half of this book to see how foolish my daydreams would be in reality.

All in all, not impressed with Frenchman’s Creek. Can you consider someone your favorite author if you don’t like most of what they’ve written?? Upon completion of this book, I have read 18 books toward my goal of 30 books, 7,125 pages toward my goal of 10,000 and 7 of my 12 prescribed books. Yea for sticking to resolutions!

And in on an only tangential note:  I came across this idea for a DIY shelf. I hate these “re purposed” uses for books all over the place but this one made me tear up more than usual because I’m pretty sure the book spine on the far end is The King’s General by Daphne du Maurier. 😦

Frenchman’s Creek reminded me of:

The Awakening by Kate Chopin
The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

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