Solo Parenting: Back in the Saddle

Ryan went back to work last week. I’ve been ripped from my pleasant dream of “go ask your daddy” and “you’re daddy’s going to do that” with a cold splash of water to the face. I’m all the kiddos have now bwahaha.

Just kidding

…but seriously…

Last week was a bit of a blur, but it’s Monday again so we must have survived. My “lets hit the ground running” mentality has dwindled to “lets just decide on breakfast and take it from there”. Round abouts Wednesday I decided to give up on getting anything done. Does that sound bad? The adjustment period was more daunting than I thought and my priorities shifted. No chores, no schedules no plans, just survive.


But I’m baby stepping, I’m doing the work, I’m not a slacker (someone please get that reference!)  My normal weekly plan assigns Monday as a “catch up” day, so we’re easing back into the routine today. I’ve got some phone calls to make attempt plus our daily dishes and beds made. If all goes well there will even be dinner tonight. But let us not get carried away.

Our lives have gotten much more interesting with Evangeline potty training last week. She’s been ready for quite a while now. We could have started her a few months ago I think, but a few months ago looked like this:

Baby was the only one comfortable at this point

so we waited. Last week the time finally came and she has surprised us all!  Of course this means I’m on constant potty patrol. We decided to put her potty in the living room so she could get to it quickly and easily. But this also means Felicity can get to it quickly and easily. We may be re-thinking our decision next week.

With potty training comes a new bed too. Evangeline is still in her crib. We had a rough patch where she was moving her bed all over the room when she was supposed to be sleeping (thanks, tile floors), but for a while it seemed the area rug we put in stopped her escapades. Until yesterday, that is, when I found her, in her crib, in the closet. She scootched it over like a tug boat, opened the door and pulled out clothes. Sigh.

Now we’re back to thinking toddler bed. But that has it’s own worries. Namely giving her free access to closet, dresser, changing table and Felicity. I’m thinking to put a lock on the closet, but that won’t protect the dresser drawers. We have the bed, but are dragging our feet.

There would be perks, like Reuben getting a crib and using the pack-n-play like a safe-haven play pin in the living room. Reuben is rolling over, becoming more alert and spending more time awake. Up until now he spends most of his time on my bed or in his to protect him from his sister’s meat-hooks loving embraces. But a boy needs room to stretch and move about and a play pin would be great to acclimate him into family life.

So that’s what our week looks like at least from this angle. Tomorrow may very well be another story.


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