Our Pinterest House: Laundry Room

If you frequent sites such as Pinterest.com or Houzz.com, you may have made the same observations I have. Namely, that a laundry room which does not have a minimum of 500 square feet, a chandelier, sink and daybed is just useless (the daybed is optional if you’re on a strict budget).

not even a joke

If you do not frequent these sights, you probably have an easier time being virtuous than I do.

Our laundry room needs some lovin’ but I’m not adding on to the house to accommodate for it or calling an electrician to wire a chandelier.  I need for our laundry room to function better for our needs and if it happens to turn out pretty, well so be it. Ours is a long narrow room off the living room (already a huge improvement from the outside set up we had in our old house). This is what we were dealing with when we moved in:

Clearly, ornate lighting fixtures aren’t the first priority.  Right now, clothes get piled up on the washer and dryer making it hard to fold them as they come out. Also, as painfully obvious from the pictures, this has become a dump spot for anything we don’t want the kids to have. It’s making me claustrophobic.

In order for this room to function better, I want a place other than the top of the dryer to fold clothes and store laundry baskets when not in use. It would be nice to have a rack to hang up those things, like the beautiful hand knitted blanket my sister made Evangeline, that can’t be put in the dryer. Over all I want the room to be uncluttered, bright and clean. This is my working wish list:

  • Table for folding clothes
  • Drying Rack above folding table
  • Painted concrete floors (grey?)
  • Finished baseboards & quarter round
  • Painted walls (yellow? white?)
  • Painted cabinets, door\trim and window trim (white)
  • Curtains just for fun?
  • Repair light fixture \ add ceiling fan?
  • Install pocket door (in my dreams!)

The first step was to remove all the shelving, including one behind the door keeping it from opening all the way (who does that??). The shelves on the wall were easy to take down, the ones around the top require two people. That is to say, I got the shelves off the wall down in March, but since I need Ryan’s help to get the top ones, there they remain. So now we have:

stage 1 (1)

stage 1 (2)

stage 1(3)

Getting better eh? Ha Ha. Taking down the shelves did make a huge difference, but we have a long way to go. It looks like some interesting things may be in the works, so stay tuned. And because I know you were so worried, the shelves out of the laundry room are finding a new home in the storage room outside. They are just waiting for their awesome big brother wrap around shelves to join them (hint hint)

I'm not even going to show you what the rest of this looks like
I’m not even going to show you what the rest of this looks like

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