Labor Day Laundry Weekend


It’s what I’ve been dreaming about! Labor Day weekend is going to be a true holiday weekend for us — no class on Saturday and no work on Monday. Woo Hoo! What better way to spend the time than working on our laundry room?

My original to-wish list included painfully pealing up the 30 year old linoleum floor, doing a skim layer of concrete and painting the concrete grey. A little organization in our storage room unearthed a box of vinyl wood flooring (left over from our dining room and foyer) over 3 gallons of wall paint (left over from the living room) and the baseboards and quarter round we stashed in there. Score!  All of a sudden, we had nearly everything we needed to do the big parts of our laundry room!

I’ve been steadily working for the past two weeks to get a lot of the little preparation type things done so that we can spend the weekend on the big stuff. Going into the weekend, my to-wish list looks like this:

  • Take down shelves
  • Table for folding clothes
  • Drying Rack above folding table
  • Vinyl Wood Floor
  • Finished baseboards & quarter round
  • Paint walls grey
  • Paint cabinets, door\trim and window trim (white)
  • Curtains just for fun?
  • Repair light fixture \ add ceiling fan?
  • Install pocket door (in my dreams!)
  • Replace light switch and outlets

With my dad’s help, we built the table to fold clothes on. Who are we kidding, my dad built the table and I kept him company. Taking down the shelves\filling holes\sanding down took forever! The drywall anchors they used were a beast. At best they left a half inch hole, at worst…well lets just say it’s a good thing we’re painting. Here’s the laundry room now mid-remodel.

017-001It gets worse before it gets better right?



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