Salmon Salad Hack

Before Reuben’s baptism last week, we went with Ryan’s dad and step-mom to a local favorite restaurant for lunch. Keeping my resolution to eat healthy, I chose a spinach salad and added blacked salmon on top.

Tabasco Pepper Jelly

What can I say about this salad? Well the fact that I wanted to re-create it at home should say enough. I tossed the spinach with Tabasco Pepper Jelly. I had to heat the jelly just a bit to get it to a liquid, vinaigrette consistency. I blackened the salmon fillets in our cast iron skillet. Ryan got fresh salmon from the deli and it still had the skin on. I just left it and in this case, it made very little difference. I dried the fillet with paper towels then put it in the hot pan with butter. I seared each end, then let it cook about 4-5 mins on each side. Salmon on top of the salad with feta cheese and sliced almonds!

The salad is a fun mixture of tastes and textures–warm salmon with cool spinach, sweet and spicy dressing with mild feta. All around a great salad. I didn’t season the fillets, although if we do it again, I might add a little salt or cajun seasoning. I liked the taste of plain salmon, but I can see how a seasoned fillet would be better. I even used the pepper jelly again later in the week for a salad with grilled chicken and spinach. Much simpler and bare bones, but a good refreshing lunch!

Blackening the Salmon

More of a "bed of spinach" than a "salad" but still good!
More of a “bed of spinach” than a “salad” but still good!

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