Laundry Room Table

I’ve had a few questions about the table I put in our new laundry room. About a month ago or so when I started seriously planning out what we could do to make the room more functional, I drew up a design for this table. I needed as long of a top surface as could fit in the room for folding clothes and I needed at least one shelf to store laundry baskets. My hope was this table would get all that stuff off of the top of the washer and dryer. Our laundry room is so narrow that I wasn’t too optimistic I’d be able to buy anything that would fit. As is, the door just barely clears the corner of the table when it opens ha ha. I figured out most of the logistics of the table, then my dad came in and made it better. I knew I would use the old laminate shelves I found in our storage room for the shelf, but my dad suggested instead of making (and staining) a top, why not use an old door. Perfect.

Ready to Paint
Ready to Paint
Most Useful Table Ever!
Most Useful Table Ever!

I was working out this post the other day when I discovered Sandra AKA Sawdust Girl posted a tutorial for a table almost exactly like mine! Great minds think a like, eh? Ha ha, or maybe I’ve been hanging around on her blog too long! Anyway, she saved me a bunch of time because she wrote out instructions with pictures much better than I could have hoped to do.

She calls hers a Console Table which is fitting because this table is so darn useful. It’s a great work space that looks pretty enough to display.  There were a few things I did differently for my table. Like I mentioned before, I used what I already had for the top and shelf. Where Sandra uses pocket holes for the top and the shelf aprons, we only used them for the shelf. Our top apron wraps around the outside of the legs. Where she used 2×2’s we used 2×4’s; her legs are square, where ours have a flat side facing out and to the back. I wanted the option to mount my table to the wall, and that helps give me more surface area to do so. Pretty much those are the only minor differences between the two. So if you’re interested in making a table like mine (and Sandra’s!) check out her great, easy to follow tutorial: Build it: Console Table

Sawdust Girl’s Console Table

This reminds me that I really need to start using a watermark on my pictures. Anyone want to design one for me??

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