The Way to a Child’s Behavior is Through her Stomach

Since Reuben has been born we’ve had more than our usual problems with Evangeline’s behavior. She would destroy her room every time I tried to put her down for a nap, when I stopped even trying to get her to nap, she became belligerent and unbearable in the evening. She is normally a sweet, compliant child anxious to help and spend time with us. But lately she’s become this two and a half year old beast we couldn’t control.

A Room Destroyed
A Room Destroyed

My latest attempt at modifying her behavior is changing her eating schedule. She normally eats breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This week, I’ve been feeding her every two hours rather than just splitting the time between meals. It has been like night and day! Again she’s a happy child, content to play and pleasure to be around. She’s still gotten into things she’s not supposed to, but it didn’t turn into a knock-down-drag-out temper tantrum that takes an hour to recover from.


I’m glad we found some “solution” to her behavior troubles that didn’t boil down to “just wait until she’s not a two year old anymore”. But I don’t know why it took me so long to put it together that she was just hungry. I looked back at some conversations I’ve had with her and suddenly realized, most of them are about food:

Me: I hope we get some rain. We really need some rain
Evangeline: Yeah we do. We do need some rain…And ravioli. I hope we get some ravioli

Evangeline: I’m cooking supper. I already cooked lunch. I cooked you some lunch
Me: oh you did? what did I have?
Evangeline: you had some mayonnaise. I warmed it up for you.

Evangeline: If I eat everything on my plate, I can have some of your oatmeal!
Me: um, no
Evangeline: I can ask
Me: sure
Evangeline: but you might say “no”
Me: right

Evangeline: ” I’m gonna watch you eat lunch, ok?…You like that sandwich?”

Let Me Eat Cake
Let Me Eat Cake

Why wasn’t this more obvious to me before??



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