Open-Ended Blog Questions

I’ve been consistently blogging again for a few months and I’ve noticed a few things. Namely, that it’s fun, I enjoy coming up with things to talk about and the more consistent I am the more views and feedback I get. Which just adds to the fun.

Now that I’ve proven to myself this is a hobby I want to keep up, I have some questions for fellow bloggers and blog readers:

  • How do you gauge your blog’s success: number of views? number of viewers? comments? being re-blogged/pinned?
  • Do you think your blog ought to have a central theme/genre, or do you like reading\writing on different topics from the same blog?
  • How often should a blogger post?
  • What are your favorite blog topics to read or write?
  • If you enjoy a blog, how do you show it–comment? re-post? talk about it in real life?

3 thoughts on “Open-Ended Blog Questions

  1. No one answered your questions?!? I am by no means a blogging expert or blogging guru. I started my blog to maintain contact with family and friends back home when we married and immediately moved 8.5 hours away. Now we live back in my hometown, so my primary readership (ahem, Mom & Dad) see everything unfold with their own eyes week-to-week. But I have tried to get back to a weekly recap with photos to keep track of what we’ve been up to for even just my own enjoyment. That being said:

    1. At times I have watched readership numbers through view and subscribers, etc. In the end, I decided my primary blog (I also wrote a crafting blog for a time that had more varied readers, but it’s been on hiatus while we move, settle, birth another baby, etc.) can’t be “worried” about numbers. For a long time I didn’t post the address to it to anyone but family and friends. Now I’ll post on FB when I’ve updated it each week. I usually get comments from my mom and one or two other friends. I wouldn’t mind other comments for interaction, but as I’ve determined its primary purpose is for ME, it’s okay. With my crafty blog, I loved to see images pinned or comments from others about projects I documented. But I’ve never “gone big.” 🙂

    2. I’m not great at sticking to one specific genre, unless you count my crafty blog being primarily focused on crafting (with a touch of homemaking here and there). I enjoy the variety of topics on your blog–DIY, thoughts about your children and marriage, cooking. I really enjoy it all.

    3. I think less than once a week is hard for readers to have you in mind. I’d love to post more than once/week, but for now that’s working for me. And by having it always been on Friday, with an occasional bonus Monday or Wednesday, any “regulars” I have will know which day to anticipate a post from me.

    4. I most enjoy writing about crafty projects or photo-centric recaps of what my family has been up to. I enjoy reading others’ thoughts on crafting, DIY, homekeeping, children, marriage, cooking, societal commentary, and faith. I think those are my primary interests for blog reading.

    5. When I enjoy a blog I read it regularly. I will subscribe (that was easier with Google Reader–boo) to the blog’s content. I will TRY to comment, but that’s easier in some platforms than others from my phone, and sometimes I check blogs on my phone while I try to fully wake up in bed before I round up my kiddos. If I see the person in real life or email with them, I will mention a post of particular interest or enjoyment when talking/writing to them.

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