I read an article online while we were house hunting which claimed you should have one houseplant per 100 square feet of your home to help remove toxins from the air. I was all kinds of gung-ho about this idea and imagined my house being filled like an English garden.

Know who else likes houseplants?


035So, houseplants took a back burner to EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE! But recently, the same article came across my newsfeed on Facebook and I was convicted. I was also suddenly aware of the millions of toxins I must have been breathing in. Everyone else must be feeling convicted and grossed out too, because at least three different stores I went into had potted house plants marked down.

The problem we have with plants inside is readily accessible dirt. Come to find out, we don’t actually have that many flat surfaces above 4 feet to safely display a plant; anything on the floor would immediately be up-rooted and since I don’t think plants would flourish too well tucked in the closet, we have pretty limited options.

I will not hang an ivy from the ceiling, Toxins or no toxins, I won’t do it.

After a $5 trip to Home Depot turned into a $30 trip, we now have a few plants around the house. As I find more elevated safe places for plants, I hope to fill in the 12 or so more we need.

Kitchen Window
Kitchen Window

Do you have plants inside your house? Do you like them for their air purifying properties or just for the look? How do you keep little hands out of big pots of dirt?


2 thoughts on “Houseplants

  1. I cannot say I’m as dedicated to live houseplants as you are, but I noticed when we first walked through our home (when the sellers still lived here ;)), they had an artificial plant in almost every room–in at least all the living areas and maybe the master bedroom and guest room? It added SUCH a feeling of freshness to the home!! I really, really liked the touch it added. We came to the house with….. 2 small artificial plants. We have a ways to go–ha!–to achieve the feel and look they did. Maaaaaaaybe you’ll give me the courage to branch (get it, branch??) out to some real houseplants…. but that might be after we settle in from the 3 ring circus/Lila’s arrival. 🙂

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