Mommy and the Money

How could I resist a request from a dedicated reader ;)? Here is a special Sunday edition of Reading with the Carruths!

My infatuation with the Goldstones expands to the other side of fiction. I just finished reading Nancy Goldstone’s fiction detective story, Mommy and the Money. has a big mix up where this book is concerned. I thought I was getting a second edition of the first book she wrote, Mommy and the Murder, but unknowingly, I got the sequel. Never mind, I read it anyways. I am glad I did.

Elizabeth Halperin is a single mom who inherited a fortune after the untimely demise of her husband — a murder she was accused and reluctantly acquitted of (see Mommy and the Murder). Mommy and the Money opens on the beautiful Berkshires where Elizabeth and her 3 year old daughter live quite comfortably in their newer, larger house. A victim of champagne on an empty stomach, Elizabeth finds herself regretting a night spent with a long time admirer, an admirer who is later found killed on the vacant site of his proposed shopping mall. Quickly Elizabeth is pulled into the world of her admirer’s real identity and a multi-million dollar, international scandal.

I have to say, this was a fun read. I had suspected Nancy to be the funny one and I seem to be right.  This is just a fun, quick mystery story, nothing more, nothing less. It isn’t dark or psychological, gory or allegorical. Just a fun,…with multiple homicides, Berkshires culture and spa days. Even though Nancy Goldstone catches you up and gives all the pertinent information from the first book. I still think I’ll go back and read it. That is, if my library can find it.


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