Things Are Only Getting Better

I know I know, it’s been a while. I’d like to say it’s because we’ve been totally wrapped up in some really awesome cool project that I’m now ready to show off, but alas. I have just been really tired. Isn’t exhaustion glamorous?

There’s not too many things to update you on, come to find out daily life in the Carruth home isn’t all that exciting. Mostly we’ve just been staying afloat and reading. But there are some new developments that are proving to make life easier, such as:

Reuben can give himself a bottle! Now I can have use of both my hands AND the baby gets to eat?! It’s like a dream come true. We have a theory that, so far, has proven true: After the second week, babies continue to get easier. Not that newborns are easy, but you, more or less, are working toward things getting easier. They start to sleep a little longer, eat a little more, be happy just a littler while longer. Now at 6 months, Reuben is feeding himself, putting himself to sleep (sometimes) and sleeping through the night. Things are not easy, but easier!


Evangeline is nearly completely potty trained! We have just started not using diapers at night and so far (meaning the last two nights) it’s going…well ok. We haven’t had any accidents, but we have had a lot of unnecessary trips out of bed. Mostly it goes down like this:

(Hear Evangeline and Felicity both yelling at each other to be quiet)

Evangeline comes out of room: “Felicity is upset”

(Goes back into their room, where yelling continues. Finally they quiet down)

Evangeline comes out of room: “Felicity is happy now”

(Goes back into their room where yelling continues)

Bedtime takes about two hours now.

We got to visit our goddaughter for her birthday. Between our two families there were seven kids under 4 years old, including 3 babies 7 months and under. It was a lot of fun! Our kids don’t get to see each other very often since visits include over two hours in the car with small kids, so we thought they might be stand-off-ish at first, but they fell right into running around and playing. Although, I think Evangeline did lock herself up with their books at one point for some quiet time. It was so strange to watch Felicity playing with the big kids. I think she played with our goddaughter (same age as Evangeline) more than Evie did. Felicity followed her around mimicking everything she did.

006 001 019 008

We’re a few weeks from Evangeline’s third birthday party. Even though I’ve been “planning” it for about 6 months, it’s coming down to the wire and I’m scrambling. It’s just family and friends, no pressure. Oh, but we did invite the Pope.

Dear Pope Francis

Evangeline watched him on the day of prayer for peace in Syria and said she wanted to invite Pope Francis to her birthday party. I promised her we could, so into the mail (with hopefully enough stamps) went his birthday party invitation. if he’s in the neighborhood, who knows, maybe he’ll stop by 😉

I’m trying to get back in the saddle writing blogs but I am le tired. Anything you want to hear or know about? Send me some suggestions to inspire me a bit!


One thought on “Things Are Only Getting Better

  1. betty young

    You taking the time to write about life with your children is wonderful and you just paint a picture with your words. Just don’t forget to take some time for yourself! I really enjoy all your efforts in writing. Thanks

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