100 Things for the 100th Post

This is my 100th blog post!! I think that means I can go into syndication now, right? I racked my brain trying to come up with something knock-your-socks-off fantastic for this post. Maybe we could remodel our entire kitchen…Maybe Evangeline could learn to scuba dive…Maybe I could read Crime and Punishment or cook a souffle!

When I came back to reality, I thought what do my readers really want? But of course: to know everything there is to know about me! So for my 100th post, I was going to tell you 100 things about myself and my family, but geez louise, there aren’t 100 things to know. So instead, here are a smattering of things about me and my family. You can thank me later.

  • I was born, raised and am currently living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • I don’t like jambalaya
  • I have listened to every episode of  Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey from the beginning through the year 2000
  • I wrote a fan letter to Dave Madden the voice of Bernard Walton

  • I played soccer for a team called The McFlurries; My high school bowling team was called The Holy Rollers. I was co-captain
  • At the age of 5 I broke my arm after loosing my balance standing on an upside down trash can lid
  • I was standing on an upside-down trash can lid waiting my turn to jump on a trampoline
  • The trampoline had a hole at one end and was deamed unsafe to have more than one jumper at a time
  • Once upon a time I could play the clarinet and oboe
  • I miss playing the clarinet and oboe
  • I went through a “British phase” in junior high
  • I still have (and listen to) a Herman’s Hermit’s record from my junior high “British phase”

  • Also in junior high,I read the poem, Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for the first time and fell in love
  • I decided to name my first daughter Evangeline when I was in 8th grade
  • I have a collection of various editions of Evangeline that have been given to me as gifts over the years
  • Every year I re-read the poem Evangeline from the $1 copy my best friend bought me in junior high — the first edition I was given. I have three of my favorite passages marked
  • 062
  • I have been to Mexico in the spring, Italy in the summer and Russia in the winter
  • But I’ve never been to Boston in the fall
  • I became interested in Russian history only after visiting Moscow and Siberia
  • My senior prom date is a year away from being a Catholic priest
  • He is godfather to my two daughters


  • I played a character named Captain Hooker in a skit for my high school’s chapter of The Governor’s Program on Abstinence
  • I looked smokin’ hott
  • In  hindsight, I realize that may not have been a great idea

  • The summer after senior year, I got my nose pierced after work one Friday afternoon
  • I have never felt more bad ass
  • I did not tell my parents
  • They noticed…
  • Sunday morning…
  • During church…
  • At the altar…
  • While taking communion
  • I read Pope Paul VI’s Humane Vitae as a part of my senior research paper; it lead to my current stance against the use of contraception
  • This stance came in handy three years later when the man I wanted to marry was confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church
  • I was accepted to Tulane, but chose to attend Louisiana State University instead
  • I dropped out of LSU after failing German for the like third time


  • I have looked deep into the black voids of an LSU squirrel’s eyes; I have seen pure evil
  • LSU squirrels can shoot their teeth, you know
  • If I had it all to go again, I’d drop Psychology and peruse a degree in civil engineering
  • I broke up with Ryan at the beginning of summer when he told me he wanted to discern a vocation as a monk
  • We got back together at the end of that summer when he some how managed to convince me “we can work around that”
  • While we were broken up, Ryan rescued a dog.
  • I don’t much care for the dog Ryan rescued while we were broken up, but I didn’t really get a say
  • I have had two hamsters: one named Sargent Pepper and one named Boston Blackie; Ryan’s damn dog kept trying to “catch” Boston Blackie
  • I took my nose ring out for my bridal portraits
  • The night before our wedding, I went and had it put back in to surprise Ryan
  • He didn’t notice

  • Evangeline calls me M’Dear and I kinda like it
  • I never look good with bangs
  • I have been teaching myself calligraphy for about 5 years
  • My birthday is September 11
  • I have a theory that whenever my birthday falls on a Tuesday, something bad happens
  • Since 2001 this has proven true
  • I don’t remember before 2001 but I bet that time I dropped all my cupcakes on the playground was a Tuesday
  • I have a fear of birds, rationalized by Ms. Daphne Du Maurier
  • A few months after Evangeline was born, a bird flew in the house; Animal Control wouldn’t come get it, so I locked myself and the baby in the nursery until Ryan got home from work

  • I secretly hope Ryan one day has a job where he can grow his out his hair again

  • I consider writing 100 blog posts a huge accomplishment

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