Back Door Final Reveal (unless Ryan says otherwise)

I think I’ve finished our back door. About a month ago I went through and painted all the wood stain trim in the living room white. When we moved in we installed white baseboards and are slowly transitioning the rest of the trim. Inspired by Sawdust and Embryos I decided to keep the back door stained with white trim. That was done at the end of September. At the end of October, I finally made curtains to finish it up. That’s good timing for me!


The window is narrow and I didn’t find anything immediately that would fit.  We like to open the shades when the weather is nice, but keep it closed at night or during the heat of the day. So I didn’t want to make a roman type shade like I did in my laundry room which is fixed because I wanted to easily lift it up and down. Pinterest to the rescue with the idea of adhering fabric to a vinyl roller shade.

I bought my roller shade from Lowe’s for $7 plus $0.97 for the hanging brackets. At the store they cut the shade to the width I needed. I used spray adhesive, spraying about a 6 inch row at a time and slowly worked my way up covering the shade. I love that we finally have fun, cute and trendy fabric in the living room. It’s almost like we’re young hip people. Almost.

Now that it’s “done” we get to live with it a few weeks and decide if we truly do like the stain with white trim. I’m inclined to like it a lot, but we’ll see how Ryan feels in a few weeks.

We’ve got some more fun changes coming to the living room too (and maybe dining room if we can psych ourselves up for it) so be on the look out for that!

Backdoor Progress
002 (2)
Final–White Trim, Stained Door and Cute Curtains

Update 3/12/14: I had to re-work the roller shade after 4 months of use. The improved version here.


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