Beef and Broccoli

My Chinese take-out cooking is coming along nicely. We’ve done a few different entree dishes and fried rice. Each has been tasty although I did modify the rice a bit. Turns out, our favorite Chinese take-out dishes are the deep-fried ones. Oops? Since these dishes are making their way into our weekly menu rotation, I wanted to try some recipes that weren’t battered and deep fried.

First up was Beef and Broccoli, which is one of my go-to favorites. I hesitated on this one for a while because she calls for a pound of flank steak and I was worried about how expensive that would be. But when I bucked up and checked the case at the grocery store, a pound and a half flank steak cost about $7. All things considered not so bad. And the cut of the steak is important for this dish.

The Chinese Take-Out Cookbook
The Chinese Take-Out Cookbook

One thing I’ve found (and enjoy) with Diana Kuan’s recipies is that they double easily. The dishes I’ve done so far just involve marinate for the meat and a sauce to pour over after the meat is cooked. I easily added half again the ingredients and the proportions were perfect.

I blanched broccoli florets with baking soda in the water. It’s a tip Kuan mentions and it really does keep the broccoli from loosing it’s color. Cutting against the grain, I sliced the meat into 1/4 inch thick, 1 inch wide pieces. The meat marinated in soy sauce, dry sherry and cornstarch then cooked in a hot skillet with oil until lightly brown.

Cooking in the Skillet
Cooking in the Skillet

The sauce is made of chicken stock, oyster sauce, soy sauce, dry sherry, corn starch. Once the meat is cooked, I added the sauce and broccoli to warm together. Voila!

The meat says so tender and the broccoli crisps up so nicely. The sauce spreads out and soaks into a side of fried rice and everything melds together so deliciously. Definitely a new favorite. I’ve made it twice now and every time I see Target has a coupon for specialty beef cuts we add it to the menu



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