Middle Child’s Day in the Sun

091The stars just happened to align last week and I was given an entire morning with just Felicity. Since Evangeline has given up naps, and Felicity has been better about going to sleep at night, there isn’t a time where Felicity is the only one up. I got very excited about the time we would have together. We try to give each of the kids special time where they get to go with one of us to the library or the grocery — something special that only they get to do. We think this is important since we have multiple kids and we know as life goes on it will be harder and harder to do. So when opportunities like this one rolls around, I want to make the most of it.


It is such a joy to watch Felicity’s personality develop differently than her sister. In so many ways she mimics Evangeline and likes to copy her every move. Even so, though, she is becoming her own person entirely. Evangeline loves spending time with us. She wants to know where we are at all times and what we are doing. She wants to be with us. Felicity, however, wants to do what we do, but not necessarily with us. She wants to sit where the adults sit and play where the big kids play. She is the funniest kid to watch because she’s in her own little world. You can see her making plans and acting out different scenes in her mind. You will loose sight of her for awhile, then catch her in your peripheral vision walking by with a mixing bowl, a loaf of bread or a laundry basket and you just know she has big plans for it.


Felicity did not enjoy the constant attention she was offered on this hallow day, however. Oh she was happy I was around, she just didn’t like that I was *always* around. Apparently she enjoys living her life under the radar and it ruffles her feathers to turn around and find mom there every time. I took her outside and asked if she wanted me to push her on the swing. She said no and made a b-line for her sister’s bike. It was funny to watch. She seemed to go back and forth between not knowing what to do without Evangeline there to running from toy to toy knowing she was free to play with whatever she wanted for however long she wanted.


I tried to direct her fun day as an only child, but ultimately I had to sit down and just let her play. Every so often, she’d come join me on the swing and jabber a story to me, then hop down and go back on her merry way. I didn’t get to spend the time with her the same I would with Evangeline, but it was still a special time for both of us. I was happy she let me in her little world for a while, even if I had to be a mostly silent observer.



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