Weekend Project

Three years ago, give or take, I found this picture frame on the side of the street. For three years I’ve kept it tucked away until I could find the perfect project for it. I’ve had a few ideas, but nothing I thought I could really pull off, until…


Sunday, Ryan took Felicity with him to his school’s library and ended up spending the whole day in New Orleans. Having only two kids under foot, I was naturally bored out of my mind and frantic for something to do. I had been toying with the idea of hanging the frame above the buffet cabinet for seasonal decorations. The pinterest-speration went something like this:

Source Link in Picture
Source Link in Picture
Source Link in Picture

You see where I’m going with this? I had a smattering of white spray paint leftover from various things; the frame was a creamy off-white and had some smudge marks and nicks. I sprayed the frame white to freshen it up. Then, as soon as Ryan got home, I jumped in the car and ran to the craft store for some chalkboard paint and painted the backboard into a blackboard (that was just fun for me to write). I was disappointed that the paint had to sit for 24 hours before being used because I was running on an adrenaline high. Nonetheless, I think it was worth the wait!



We don’t have a mantle and all of our other flat surfaces are purely utilitarian (and accessible to toddler hands) so I’m excited to make this the center of our seasonal decorations. I’m already dreaming of Christmas, baby showers, Easter and birthday parties. I just free-handed “Give Thanks”, but if you’ve noticed my pinterest boards lately, you may have seen some more inspirations. I have a lot of practice ahead of me, but I think it will be a lot of fun. The living room is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. I still have a few more secrets up my sleeve that should be ready for reveal soon, so stick around!

Buffet Before 1 Buffet Before

Buffet After 1 Buffet After 2



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