Start with a Pumpkin, End with a Pie

I was going to make pumpkin puree this week for Thanksgiving pumpkin pies, but I was tired instead. But, fear not. I was going to use the same process I’ve used (and blogged) before. So here’s a little blast from the past to inspire Thanksgiving pies.

Being the Carruths

One of the joys of living on your own is getting to do all those little things you’ve always kind of wanted to, but for one reason or another couldn’t while at home. Like buy your own groceries, hang your bed from the ceiling, or walk around naked. With my new found freedom, I set out to answer a question I had often asked: If I had a pumpkin, could I make a pie?? The answer came to me quickly from the intertubes with a resounding YES! This is that journey…

The Pumpkin that would be Pie:

Pie Facts:

  1. Pie pumpkins are 6″-8″ in diameter
  2. The smaller the pumpkin the sweeter and less grainy the meat. Larger, jack-o-lantern pumpkins aren’t as sweet, so if making a pie with Halloween left overs you have to add sugar to the mixture.
  3. One pie pumpkin yeilds about the same as one canned pumpkin
  4. Canned pumpkin–with…

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