Chalkboard Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Do you know, when you use chalkboard paint, you have to “season” the board before using it for the first time?

I do…

…but didn’t when I did my chalkboard frame. 😦

Do you know what happens if you write on a chalkboard that hasn’t been “seasoned”?

I do…

…now that I wanted to change my chalkboard message 😦


So I was reading through m’blogs last week and came across this post by Interiors by Kenz where she mentions, off offhandedly, that you have to season your board before you can use it. Otherwise, the first thing you write on it will be sort of etched in. Oh boy, Kenz, if only you could have done your chalkboard before I did mine. I thought, hopefully, that maybe it was just a difference in the chalkboard paint brand we used. I certainly didn’t remember reading anything about seasoning the board after painting.


I erased my “Give Thanks” , getting ready to start on a baby shower picture, and wouldn’t you know it? “Give Thanks” just wouldn’t quite go away.


Luckily, I had plenty of paint left and slapped a coat over my thankful board, let it sit 24 hours and then seasoned it by rubbing white chalk over the whole thing. You first rub it in horizontally then again vertically. This fills in any open pores. As I now know, chalkboard is very porous.



So there you go, read all the directions, check up on your blogs, read the directions again, *then* paint.

Now to find something cute for the baby shower!!


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