Do You Advent?

Based on the number of blog posts and Pinterest pictures I’ve seen of Advent calendar ideas and scripture readings, it seems everyone observes Advent! Being a Catholic household we try to observe the different seasons of the church year. “Try” being a loose term. Hopefully as the kids get older and the days don’t blur together as much, we’ll be more successful in setting apart the different seasons.

Advent and Christmas, however, we can do! This year, we’ve approached Advent as a season of joyful anticipation. Each night we pray and light our advent candles. Slowly, very slowly, we’ve been putting up Christmas decorations rather than putting everything up all at once.  This works well for two reasons: 1. It builds the anticipation as Christmas approaches 2. Let’s be honest, I can only do one extra thing a day. As an added bonus, separating Advent and Christmas means I get to decorate twice!

Each day we add a new decoration the girls get so excited. We’ve put up our nativity and our outdoor decorations. This week is dedicated for the rest of the indoor things. It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a tree this year, so I’m working on something creative for our lights and ornaments. We’ll see if I can pull it off or if it will just look stupid! So far, this is our house for Advent!






And, well, the rest of the living room looks like this:



Maybe by the Epiphany the house will be set up for the holidays!