Southern Fiction — An Open Call for Suggestions

I posted about my reading goals for last year. I’ve decided to again compose a reading list to complete by the end of the year.

I am taking it a small step further and have a themed reading list for this year. This year I want to become a more respectable Southern reader by adding to my repertoire of great Southern works. My title says fiction but I don’t mean to stick strictly to fiction.

So here is my open call. If someone were well versed in Southern works, what would you expect them to have read? I have read Gone With The Wind, Fried Green Tomatoes and To Kill a Mockingbird  (see, I’m not hopeless). What else should I be sure to read?

Flannery O’Connor?
Walker Percy?
Mark Twain?
Lyle Saxon?
Tennessee Williams?

What are your favorite Southern authors, and what are your favorite works by them? I’ll be working on my list all week, so get your suggestions in!

I should note here that I have started and refuse to finish A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy O’Toole, so don’t even say it!


2 thoughts on “Southern Fiction — An Open Call for Suggestions

  1. Katrina

    have you read the heart is a lonely hunter?? I think that is southern. and SO good. flannery was super intense for me. what about gone with the wind??

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