We Survived the Holidays…

And I really think we had fun. Christmas was hectic and Ryan and I were sad to have missed out on New Year’s Eve with friends because we were dying of a super-bad-not-quite-the-flu-cold, but we managed to squeeze in all the traditions!

We made fig cookies…



We had Christmas with my parents…



Christmas with my mom’s family…



Christmas with my dad’s family…



and Christmas with Ryan’s mom’s side…



We had a tree…


We decorated outside…

002 (3)

We hung stockings…

001 (3)

We did it all!


We weren’t able to see Ryan’s dad’s side of the family, but we have a visit scheduled soon. And we have a gingerbread house still to make, but it’s still pretty impressive.

We are back to reality this week. While we were ready to get back into our routine, the adjusting back has been exhausting. Along with all the new Christmas goodies, we had a major purging of old toys and clothes. I’m trying a new system of bringing out just a few toys a day rather than the free-for-all toy room we usually have. Three days in and it seems to be going really well.

We’re still recouping from all the festivities, but Carnival season hasn’t escaped our attention, and once we get some energy back, we are looking forward to Mardi Gras and St. Joseph’s Day!


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