The Colorado Kid

I read my first Stephen King book!! Although, after reading it, I realized it’s not at all what I had in mind a “Stephen King book” would be. For that I am thankful.

I like suspense, I like mystery, I even like Gothic stories. But Stephen King has been in another realm all together in my mind. I don’t mind being in suspense, but I don’t want to be scared or freaked out. I don’t like horror stories. I knew King is as prolific writer, but now I’m discovering there may be different levels of Stephen King-ness.

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

So, The Colorado Kid. Ryan found the SyFy show Haven on Netflix and we enjoyed the first episode. I noticed that it was based on this novel. I plucked up my courage and found it at the library. I honestly could have read it in one sitting if I had started earlier in the evening.

The library had it shelved under “mystery” but I felt like it was more a literary criticism on mysteries —  the neat complete story newspaper s write verses real, true like unexplained mysteries. Two old Maine newspaper men tell the story of a real life unexplained mystery which they have been enraptured by for 25 years. A man, later identified as being from Colorado, is found on their Maine island beach  choked to death by a piece of steak. There is nothing horrific or scary about it, but laying in bed at night in the dark still house, I still felt tingles go up and down my spine.

Stephen King said he expected this book to be either loved or hated by the readers. If that be the case, then I guess I loved it. I feel like I have that badge of honor now. I’ve read a Stephen King novel ha ha. But it has shown me that maybe some of his mystery books aren’t as scary or gory and I may enjoy them. I certainly did enjoy his writing.

The Colorado Kid was published for the Hard Case Crime series, which I’ve never heard of before, but am now intrigued by. Apparently you can sign up for a subscription and have their books sent to you. It is certainly a tempting offer. I think I may pick another book or two from their collection and see if I like them. I may pick up another Stephen King while I’m at it.


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