Make Way for Baby: Phase One

This pregnancy is giving us a lot of opportunities to accept the things we cannot change, to put it nicely. In preparation for a new newborn, we’ve begun shuffling furniture all about in and out. I keep telling myself that we have plenty of space and it will all work out with some strategic planning. This house was huge when we bought it, now that we’ve added two more babies (and baby stuff), suddenly things seem different.

My once peaceful, serene bedroom is now the library :/


Reuben’s room is in flux, but is the most put together.




The girls’ room is in limbo, as though holding it’s breath for the next phase of kids.




The plan is to move Reuben into the girls’ room before new baby comes, have both girls in a twin bed, or each in a toddler bed (depending on Felicity’s preference) and for new baby to have what is now Reuben’s room to his or  herself for a few months. The best laid plans…

But we do have some to-do’s on the list to help get everything ready for the summer. We bought our first piece of furniture as a married couple. We made it through 5 years and 3 kids decorating off the generosity of family and friends’ hand-me-downs which is amazing and we’re so thankful (mostly because our family and friends have such great taste!) Finally, though, Ryan is getting a big boy dresser which will match the rest of our bedroom set. The chest of drawers he’s currently using will go into new baby’s room for their and Reuben’s clothes. Phase one of baby prep is:

  • move bookshelves to master bedroom
  • move changing table to Reuben’s room
  • set up children’s library
  • install shelves in hall closet
  • install shelf in Reuben’s closet
  • move chest of drawers to Reuben’s room

and just for fun:

  • install cornice board in girls’ room
  • build in kitchen banquet

After that, I think we’ll have a bit of a break until after Reuben and Felicity’s birthdays. Phase two will include more shuffling  of furniture, fitting as many beds in one room as possible and getting ready to bring baby home. Wish us luck. In the meantime, we have plans for a St. Joseph’s altar next month, so stay tuned for more on that!

Beginning of the Children's Library
Beginning of the Children’s Library

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