Ground Beef “Gyros”

This has been on our menu twice now, making it a family hit! I love Greek and Lebanese food. But, like sushi, when the craving hits, it’s usually an expensive take-out bill. So when I came across this recipe, I knew we had to try.

I was delightfully surprised that I already had everything I needed to make both the meat and the Greek yogurt. The recipe makes a lot of yogurt. We must not eat as much of it as the writer’s family. It didn’t matter though, because we made it again less than a week later and used the same yogurt.



The only tweaking I’ve had to is with cooking the meat. The first time, I followed the recipe, cooked 4 patties on a grill pan over high heat. They cooked all the way through and got a tough exterior. Ryan said he like the burnt flavor. I think he thinks he was giving me a compliment, but it’s hard to take it that way! The second time, I made three bigger patties and cooked them over a lower heat. They were much more tender and hamburger like. There wasn’t really an outer shell. I liked it more, but Ryan wasn’t sold. Plus, using a skillet instead of a grill pan made the meat more greasy like.


But we will try again because either way it was so so tasty. The writer of the recipe suggests serving with shredded lettuce, onion and tomato. We prefer red onion and added hummus too. The girls even ate it up! Once I get the meat sorted out to our liking, it will be a very simple dish to make.




Cheese Straw Failure

I got an interesting coffee-table type book. It was fun to flip through a few times, but what stuck with me, was the recipe tucked in there for cheese straws — cheese dough, rolled in to noodle like straws and baked crisp. It seemed simple enough and nigh tasty. The only catch was that I had to wait for one of these bad boys to follow all the instructions.


Christmas brought me a cookie press and finally one January night, I had a free evening without kiddos underfoot to try it out. Could not have gone more wrong!! First I had some math problems with the flour, but that’s strictly my fault. The recipe calls for cheese, flour, butter, baking poweder, salt, red pepper and Tabasco. The dough was very very dry. I managed to get it to stick together for the most part, but it was faaaaaar to thick to go through a cookie press. Ultimately I rolled it up  then cut it as best as I could into slices.




I saw it all the way through, and baked them up. The flavor was ok, but, as expected, dry and crumbly. Not worth saving. The whole batch, minus two bites went into the trash 😦

All that said, I still really want to make cheese straws. I feel like it’s something I *need* to do now. Anyone have a tried and true recipie? Any suggestions or tips?