Kitchen Advances

The kitchen is the most dated room in our house. We have good, functional appliances. The floors and walls are in tact, albeit in a high 1980’s style. The cabinets are solid wood and in great shape. The pantry and additional cabinets the previous owners added in are cheap and laminate, but also functional. There is no urgency to change anything in our kitchen, besides asthetics. The only things we’ve changed so far, are the ceiling light fixtures and the window curtains.


That being said, I want to change all the things!! I have an extensive and comprehensive list of changes I would love to make (complete with drawings). In addition to painting and updating what’s already in place, I also have some built-in pieces I would love to have. Caught up in the pre-baby preparation energy, my dad has started building in some of the big changes we wanted to make!!

I’m going to keep the biggest item on the to-do list a secret for right now, because that’s my prerogative 😉 But I’m really excited to show you what we’ve been working on. The plan is to have this corner cleared out — no cabinet, no shelf.

Big Changes in Progress
Big Changes in Progress

We already have big plans in the works of what will replace this set up, but first I had to find new places for all the stuff that gets dumped right there: mail, keys, pens. It’s your general drop-all spot. At first I thought by removing the flat surface we would be forced to mend our cluttery ways. Let’s be realistic though, that’s a habit that’s not going to change. So I needed another way to accommodate mail, keys and general miscellany of daily life. Walking around World Market (which I love!), I came across this dandy:

While it isn’t exactly my decor style, the idea was spot on. I mentioned the idea to my dad as a possible solution.

And so it was!


My dad made a 20.5 “x 20″x 10” box with a shelf run running the full width. The bottom cavity is divided into 5 cubbies. It was only after my dad firmly and perminatly attached the back that I thought to myself “wait, how am I going to paint that??” I had to get a little creative. Ultimately… it was good enough. You know what I’m talking about. The cubbies are used as mail slots, so you won’t really see inside each one anyways, and, hey, just don’t look that close.

For the back of the large cavity, I had the idea to use some of the scrap fabric I had left over from my back door roller shade. Originally I planned to use spray adhesive to glue the fabric directly to the wood, which seemed like it would be tricky to do since the back was already glued on. Then my mom gave me the idea to cover a piece of cardboard cut to the right size and attached the cardboard to the back. It was so much simpler, plus gives a much cleaner look than I would have otherwise been able to do. The cardboard I cut fit snuggly into the space. After I covered it with fabric, it fit so tightly that I ended up not attaching it at all with staples or tacks.

Never Short on Cardboard Around Here
Never Short on Cardboard Around Here

I found the label card holders at JoAnn in the scrapbook section. There were so many great ones online, but they were all too big for what I needed. These scrapbook ones are perfect. We also added hooks along the bottom for keys, purses etc.


It’s such a great addition!! It’s functional and accommodates all of our daily coming and goings. And it’s also attractive and organizes all of our clutter! The only problem so far is that we have to re-train ourselves not to hit our head on it when we throw something away in the trash can below it. So far I’m bruise free, but I can’t say the same for Ryan’s forehead. In a few weeks I’m sure we’ll be used to it. But head’s up to any visitors!

This Sunday is our St. Joseph Altar and Gender Reveal. We went Friday for *the* sonogram. Baby looks healthy and was wiggling up a storm. Evangeline got a kick out of seeing all the pictures. Everything she saw on the screen, she said was baby’s mouth. Baby waved to us at one point, and Evie waved back! Spring is coming fast, and we’ll be very busy, but stay tuned for more baby prep updates around the house!


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