Back Door Roller Shade — Update

I mentioned yesterday that I used some left over fabric from my back door shade in our new kitchen mail holder. That reminded me that I never updated about some of the improvements I my mom made to the roller shade.

We’ve had the shade up for about four months now, and it gets pulled up and down daily. The adhesive was holding up well along the side edges. But along the bottom, it’s as though it never really stuck in the first place and always came loose. Also, since I used two different fabrics on the shade, the seam where they met eventually loosened and the bottom panel started to sag.

Every time my mom came over she’d ask “what can we do about that shade?” I’m sure it was a subtle “hey, that looks rough, you should fix it” but I never got around to it. I planned to re-spray the adhesive and try sticking it all back again. After about 2 months of fruitless suggestions, my mom took the shade home with her one day and fixed it all up pretty.


I found the striped ribbon at JoAnn and it matched the greys in the fabrics perfectly. My mom used double stick fabric tape on the fabric and the ribbon, then covered the seam. Essentially, she did the same on the back. She used a narrower white ribbon to cover and anchor the edges of the fabric to the vinyl shade. Overall it looks more finished and all of it seems to have better staying power. I’ve had it back up for about a week, pulling it up and down almost daily, and everything is still where it should be.


Covering the vinyl shade with fabric was a simple and inexpensive idea. Spray adhesive worked well keeping the body of the fabric attached. I’m sure if I had just used one piece of fabric, besides two, I wouldn’t have had a problem. It seems though, that the spray adhesive works loose along the edges easily. Doubling up with fabric tape and ribbon seem to re-enforce it enough to hold everything in place. Details of how I initially covered the vinyl shade, as well as the pricing found here.


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