Drum Roll Please

Baby Carruth #4 is….


We revealed on Sunday that we are having another baby girl. Our third daughter will be named Genevieve Rose and is expected to arrive in July. We are excited to add another girl to our family. So far, the girls we have are dynamic and delightful. We’re a little sad for Reuben, but I’ve no doubt that these sisters are going to make a wonderful man out of him. Evangeline is excited. She’s the only one who understands what’s going on and every day she tells me she’s picked a new name for the baby (usually it’s “Evangeline”). She’s drawing pictures of the baby and keeps asking if it’s summer yet. She’s our sweet mother hen and I know she’s going to enjoy having another baby chick to take care of. I’m excited to have another baby girl to wear all the adorable dresses and outfits I’ve stored away!

As a part of our Saint Joseph’s Altar (which I’m planning to post on separately), we did a gender reveal. By the time the fourth baby comes around, public excitement is pretty much depleted. I thought hosting a gender reveal party would be a fun way to celebrate this special new life. I spent an afternoon on Pinterest and all of a sudden, our routine St. Joseph’s Altar plans more than doubled. My computer is down for the time being, so I’m without my photo editing program. Here are some of the ideas we used for our gender reveal, sorry I can’t make the pictures more “fun”

Photo Booth: Guests took pictures decked out in blue or pink to visualize their “guess”

Photo Booth

Tally Board and Lapel Pins — Guests marked their vote for boy or girl, then chose a pink bow or blue tie to wear for the party.

Tally Board

Gender Reveal Cake Balls — If ever there were a more Pinterest-perfect phrase! To announce the final reveal, Ryan and I took a bite out of a cake ball revealing PINK!

Gender Reveal Cake Balls

It was a very fun day filled with good food, family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came out with their guesses and their congratulations and humored me with all my party gimicks. Genevieve is certainly entering a warm and welcoming world!


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