Gender Reveal Crafts

We got our computer back, which for me, means that I can make fun photo collages again. For you, it means I can post more fully about our gender reveal!

I mentioned before that I decided to tack on a gender reveal to our annual St. Joseph’s Altar.  I didn’t want it to be a big deal, but after spending an afternoon on Pinterest, well, it kinda grew. I added these features to our Altar celebrations:

  • Photo Booth
  • Tally Board and Name Tags
  • Gender Reveal Cake Balls

Gender Reveal Photo Booth

This was a lot of fun to put together and surprisingly not that expensive. I raided our Dollar Store for pretty  much everything we used. I used 4 vinyl table cloths — two pink, two blue — to make the back drop. Painter’s tape worked well for a while, but ultimately we used thumb tacks to keep them up. I set up two baskets with props to use in the pictures. The idea was that people could dress up with pink or blue and take a picture showing they guess the baby is. I used poster board and wrote signs to hold up “it’s a girl” and “it’s a boy”. From the Dollar Store, I had mustaches, pink crowns and the like to make the pictures fun.

Gender Reveal Tally Board

This, again, cost little money. I used an old Plexiglas frame. tissue paper, a dry erase marker and poster board. I crumpled up the tissue paper in the frame, then used a dry erase marker to write on the outside. After the party, I took the paper out, erased the writing and the frame was back to normal. I set the board up at the door with our guest book for people to sign the guest book then mark which gender they guessed. After they voted, they could wear a pink bow or blue tie on their lapel for the rest of the party. I used poster board and free-handed my own stencil– I intentionally chose simple shapes– for the bow and tie tags. If you were wanting to be really fancy, you could print out a stencil or use a silhouette.

Gender Reveal Cake Ball

For the big moment, we chose cake balls. There are a lot of different announcement ideas floating around. This one was fun and simple ( at least for me ha!) My cousin offered to make the cake balls for us.  She made two elaborate and adorable rattle cake balls for Ryan and I to announce with, then about two dozen simpler ones to share.

It certainly made for a sweet and fun reveal. Hosting this party went a long way in helping me celebrate this pregnancy rather than focusing on the necessary to-do’s that must be done before she’s born. No doubt, this is a tiring phase of life for me, but things like a gender reveal party are helping me to enjoy it!


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