The Gifts That Keep On Giving

I wrote at Christmas how excited we were for some “experience” type gifts our kids received. These were gifts beyond toys or clothes that would continue to offer new experiences for the kids all year. I’ve already written extensively (obsessively?) about the Kiwi Crate subscription Evangeline was given. We finally had the chance to use another of their “experience” presents — family membership to the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum!

We had to drop Ryan off at work this past Friday, which left the kids and I with the car and a wide open day ahead of us. I decided to use the day to take them all to the museum. If only I knew Friday was Sesame Street Live day downtown. Oops.

After parking a good deal further from the museum than I expected, the kids weren’t too interested in pursuing the exhibits. We went straight to the toddler play area instead. I didn’t have to explain to them what to do. Evangeline and Felicity ran straight in, took a few laps around to survey then dove deep in the huge play kitchen.

Day at the Museum

Reuben even got in on the fun. The girls must have played with everything in there twice. I could barely drag them out of there an hour later, even with promises of lunch. We walked to the planetarium side, but were bombarded again by a few school groups, so we didn’t get to see too much. However, that just means we have more things to explore next time we go!


When I finally got them out of the museum, we walked up to the top of the levee to see the river. Evangeline was more interested in the water fountain and Felicity in the ducks than the majesty of the Mighty Mississippi, but, hey, they saw it.

We ended the day with a corn dog at Frost Top before finally heading home for communal nap time. It was a beautiful day filled with fun memories and new experiences. Evangeline is already asking to go back, and I’ve marked some of the special events coming up at the museum on our calendar. Although this was our first trip, I can tell we are going to get a lot of use out of this gift!

Day at the Museum II


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