Spring Toddler Crafts

We enjoy changing our home with the seasons, both weather and liturgical. I can’t lie, I needed some time to recover from Christmas. I dug deep to put together our St. Joseph’s Altar and Gender Reveal, but I’ve been pretty burnt out since. Unfortunately, Evangeline’s energy levels went up as mine went down.

So for the past two weeks, she and I have been working on Spring crafts to help fill our days and spend some energy. Felicity was able to help with most of these as well. In looking for ideas online, however, I’ve had to be careful to pick spring crafts and not Easter ones. As my husband insists, it’s not Easter yet. So be it.

On a sort of whim, I started displaying our crafts on a blank wall in our dinning room. Who am I kidding, all of our walls are blank in the dinning room. The gallery has grown and I’m already thinking of what we can do for summer. Without further adieu, our Spring toddler craft gallery wall, thus far:

Spring Gallery Wall II

Spring Gallery Wall


The walls in our dining room are ugly. They are bare, peach color voids that make you feel as though all the happiness has gone out of the world. It has been glorious to add more color to our wall every few days!  Evangeline and Felicity get so excited to show Ryan what new things we did we he gets home each day.

I’m starting to get ideas to do during Holy Week and after Easter Sunday. I’ve been hoping to find craft ideas for Holy Week so each day we could read part of the story then do a craft to go along with it. Unfortunately, all the ideas I’ve come across so far are for older kids. I’m going to keep searching. Send me any ideas you have!

Tissue Paper Butterflies

These are our most recent addition. I could have done them for free, except I saw that cute polka dot paper at the store and splurged the $1.50.  We cut tissue paper into roughly 12 inch x 8 inch rectangles. Honestly, I just cut along the folds in the paper. The we layered three sheets on top of one another and pinched them together down the middle. A clothes pin holds it all together, and voila, a butterfly!  Evie drew faces on each of them and I used fishing line to hang them from the ceiling.  I meant to add pipe cleaner antenna, but forgot. Maybe we’ll come back and add them. All you would do is bend a piece of pipe cleaner into a V, bend or tie off the tips to make a ball then clamp it with the clothes pin. We have a ceiling fan right next to this wall, so the butterflies get to flutter around all day.


At Christmas time, JoAnn had a super sale on packs of canvases. I bought a 10 pack of 8×10’s and I could not be happier that I did. I’ve used them to mount pictures and for hand print art! I even have some wall decor ideas for Reuben’s room I’m going to use them for. Evangeline liked doing the hand prints best because I let her look through Pinterest with me and help pick out which ones we were going to make. Plus, she got to paint.

The butterflies I did two Christmases ago with Evangeline and Felicity’s feet– I was making it for a gift and messed up so I kept it for myself ;). The other three we made this year: Evangeline’s hand for the Very Hungry Caterpillar (don’t paint their thumb!), Reuben and Felicity’s feet for the bumble bee and lady bug (draw in the black parts after they dry, I didn’t want to use black paint in fear that it wouldn’t easily come off their little feet) and finally all three of their hands for the flowers. Reuben did better with feet prints than hand prints ha ha.

I like doing these on the canvases rather than on construction paper because I plan to keep them and bring them out again each year. Now that they are completely dry, I will seal them all with ModPodge to further help them last. I am still deciding if I should color in around the flowers more or just leave them on a white back ground.

For the “Spring” banner, I used poster board and cut out the pendants, then wrote in the letters and colored the green on the bottom. I let the girls loose with crayons to fill in the rest, then taped them to a piece of scrap ribbon I had. I had a lot of other ideas for this, but went the simplest route. Maybe for summer or fall when Evie’s practicing writing, she can write the letters, or let them use finger paints to really have fun.

So that’s what we’ve been up to over here when we’re not soaking up as much sunshine as possible. I’m really hoping to keep this up and change it out each season. It seems like a fun way to introduce art to the kids as well as learning about the seasons and holidays.

Just another week to get my “lesson plans” ready for Holy Week! Do you have any traditions you do with your kids to teach them about Easter?


4 thoughts on “Spring Toddler Crafts

  1. Thanks for sharing this! We also try to decorate our home seasonally with inexpensive homemade decorations. My children are 3 and 1 and I never involved them in the crafts because I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t completely overwhelming. Your crafts are so incredibly do-able I feel like copying all of them 😉 The only thing I currently involve them in seasonal -wise is gardening, both flowers and vegetables and herbs. They like to water and tend to to the gardens. I can already see that they (well, the three year old) are learning when things are ripe to pick and what things we grow at specific seasons One question – how do you keep a toddler still enough to put paint on their hand directly to paper? I tried over Christmas and they yelled at me and balled their little hands up into fists. I’m really enjoying your blog – love all the projects and the yearly babies 🙂

  2. I didn’t see this post earlier! Your projects turned out great!! :). I too have found footprint art to be a bit easier with the youngest ones.

    I feel like a slacker when I compare Lent last year and this year, but this is a Baby Year (I tell myself). Last year we had daily talks over the dinner table about Lent. This year I….daily nursed my newborn? Eeek! Hopefully next year we can use a Jesus tree (like the Advent Jesse tree but solely Jesus’ life) that I have planned during Lent. But as for this year, I tried to get my act together in time for Easter. All the Easter basket goodies had a verse or some reference to Christ for us to talk about as the kids opened them. I need to blog about it in full, but things like play-doh (I am the potter, you are the clay), a light up wand (Light of the World, let your light shine before men), flower bulbs to plant–for the new life we have in Christ, pretzel fish (salt of the earth & fishers of men). The kids loved it. I think it will be how we do baskets from now on.

    My oldest made some neat Easter projects at preschool that we have dud played, but we did not get around to much at home other than one Easter basket craft that took me at least 3 days to do with them in stages.

    Lastly, we had a special Easter breakfast. I cut the bottom off large donuts so they resembled a tomb and out a tiny donut (store was out of donut holes) in front as the sealing stone. My oldest “got” it right away and looooved it. He repeatedly rolled away his “stone” to declare “Jesus is risen! He is alive!”

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